About Agape

About Agape

Welcome to Agape Artisan Candles!

Founded in 2021, we hope to bring your home beautiful, luxury and non-toxic scents while staying eco-friendly. 

Our journey began in early 2020 when we noticed that most candles sold are paraffin wax candles that are not only toxic for you, your family and your pets, but toxic for the environment as well. This is when we began to do research. Between reading books, online blogs, reviews and candle user feedback, we have decided to use eco soy wax to create something that is luxury, elegant and smells even better, without the toxic side effects. Our eco soy wax is a high end, vegan, sustainable and biodegradable solution to natural candles.

To make our vision come to life, we started testing mixtures of natural essential oils and clean scent oils to create the finest of fragrance for our candles, wax melts and air fresheners. But we did not stop there. All of our candles are hand poured in small batches into vessels that are reusable and make great décor. Following a few simple steps, you can have your candle jar cleaned out and ready to be used as a makeup brush holder, drinking glass and so much more! 

With a vision in mind for the future, we hope to have seasonal releases, lots of new products, giveaways, specials and more. All of these ideas and events will be communicated via our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) as well as on our website www.agapeartisancandles.com so be sure to follow us @agapeartisancandles

We would love to hear from you! If you have a special request, large order inquiry, or a question, please email us at info@agapeartisancandles.com

We hope you love our products as much as we love making them for you

Thank you for your support!




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