Reusing Your Candle Jar

Reusing Your Candle Jar

The thought behind our glass candle jars is that once you are done enjoying your candle to its entirety, you may clean out the jar and reuse it! Here are a couple methods to clean out your jars starting with the easiest:

The Wash & Go Method

  • Remove as much of the leftover wax as possible using a knife
  • Fill the jar with soap and hot water from your faucet
  • Let the jar sit there for a minute or two
  • Scrub the inside clean and you're done!

The Freezer Method

  • Place the candle container into the freezer for a couple of hours
  • Once it has frozen, use a knife to gently pry out the remaining wax but be careful 
  • Use some warm water on a paper towel and wipe out any leftover wax or debris

The Double Boiler Method

  • Fill a bowl with boiling water and gently sit the candle container in it for a few minutes
  • Once the wax has softened, carefully remove the jar from the water and pour out the melted wax. 
  • Wash the jar using warm water and soap for a final touch

Here are a couple of ideas to reuse your glass jar for:

  • Make up brush holder
  • Paint brush holder
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Pen/pencil holder
  • Flower pot
  • Tea light holder
  • Twig vase
  • Flower vase
  • Herb garden
  • Drinking glass
  • Succulent planters


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